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About DataRay

Our Mission

Advancing the Technology of Laser Beam Analysis

Developing standard and custom laser beam characterization solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Company Profile

DataRay Inc. was founded in 1988 to bring high-quality, affordable, and reliable instrumentation to the photonics industry. We were first to market with...

  • ... beam profiling software for Windows
  • ... Windows 95 compatible CCD beam profiling cameras
  • ... software control of CCD electronic shutter
  • ... micron capable, linear scan, dual-mode Slit/Knife Edge beam profilers which fully meets the ISO 11146 standard for beam profiling instruments
  • ... compact multi-plane scan heads for focused beams, collimation and M² measurement
  • ... 14-bit ADC digital Megapixel CCD beam profiling cameras
  • ... USB2.0 port-powered beam profiling cameras
  • ... Windows 7 support

The DataRay Advantage

  • No-risk evaluation – 30-day evaluation PO option
  • Broad applications – Products featuring: 0.1 µm best resolution; 0.5 µm minimum diameter; beam dimensions to 25 mm; SuperSpeed USB 3.0
  • Wide bandwidth – DataRay's product portfolio covers wavelengths from deep UV to FIR
  • No hidden costs of ownership – All DataRay systems include a 3-year warranty; any necessary servicing within this period is at no charge, including parts and labor (excluding damage by customer)
  • ISO 11146 compliant beam profiling – We use XY plane scanning slit motions which strictly comply with the Standard's requirement for a slit or knife-edge scan to be made in a plane perpendicular to the propagation axis
  • Free, user-friendly software – We provide versatile software with free downloadable updates for the life of your product

Contact Information

Corporate Headquarters

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