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How do I install the software?

Refer to the Installation section for help installing the software on your PC.

Can I interface the DataRay software with third-party software like LabVIEW, etc.?

Yes, our software can interface with other applications and environments, including LabVIEW. For more details refer to the Interfacing section.

How much will an additional software license cost me?

We provide our software at no additional cost when you purchase a system, with no license management issues to worry about. As long as you own a DataRay product, and have agreed to our End-User License Agreement, you may use the software free of charge.

On how many computers can I install the software?

Our software End-User License Agreement has no restriction on number or location of installations. You are free to use your system on as many PCs as you wish.

Where can I download software updates?

Free software updates are available in the Downloads section.

Do your products support TTL triggering?

Yes, all of our CCD Beam Profiling Cameras, as well as the CMOS WinCamD-LCM, support TTL triggering. This requires a pulse with a positive level >2.4 V and a duration >100 ns.

What saturation levels are safe for your products?

To view saturation limits and damage thresholds for our products, refer to this documentation.

I'm having hardware detection issues... what should I do?