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M² Measurement & Analysis

DataRay's products offer multiple ways to measure M²: measurements to ISO 11146 may be made using a Beam Profiling Camera, Beam'R2, or BeamScope-P8 scanning slit head mounted on an M2DU scanning stage with ancillary lens.

The software also supports manual M² measurements of any of these instruments mounted on a third-party translation stage, with the user entering the sequential stage positions.

Real-time relative M² measurements with lower absolute accuracy can be made using a BeamMap2 multiple z plane scanning slit beam profiler.

If you are unsure as to which is most suitable for your application, please contact us or use our Product Selector.

Application WinCamD series BladeCam series TaperCamD series Beam'R series BeamMap series BeamScope series
M² Measurement & Analysis

model-dependent or requires accessories