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NIR and Telecom

DataRay offers numerous products covering wavelengths of the near infrared (NIR) spectrum:

  • 355 - 1350 nm – Specific Beam Profiling Camera systems are available in configurations suitable for operation up to 1350 nm with low sensitivity but full CCD/CMOS resolution.
  • 1480 - 1605 nm – Specific Beam Profiling Camera systems are available in NIR capable configurations suitable for profiling in the 1480 to 1605 nm range. These represent affordable alternatives to InGaAs array cameras, but possess certain inherent spatial resolution and non-uniformity issues (described in the data sheet).
  • 600 - 1800 nm – Beam’R2 & BeamMap2 products with InGaAs detectors offer high sensitivity and XY and XYZΘΦ positions and profiling.
  • 800 - 1800 nm – a BeamScope-P8 with Ge detector offer high sensitivity and XY position and profiling.

If you are unsure as to which is most suitable for your application, please contact us or use our Product Selector.

Application WinCamD series BladeCam series TaperCamD series Beam'R series BeamMap series BeamScope series
NIR and Telecom

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